Joint Commission offers free infection educational module

Bring staff on board to apply reliability principles in their efforts to prevent and control the incidents of infection in the congregate setting of long-term care. Read More »

ICA focuses on changing dementia care delivery

The new International Caregivers Association (ICA) offers techniques, support and training to all caregivers and providers involved with the care of people suffering from dementia care. Read More »

OSHA resource looks to reduce, prevent LTC workplace injuries

Muscle strains, sprains, low back injuries and tendinitis are some of the workplace hazards LTC workers face each day. A new resource offers recommendations to prevent these painful and costly incidents. Read More »

Direct-care workers in the Washington spotlight

Improved training, background checks and pay scales for direct-care workers are being addressed on Capitol Hill. Read More »

The shock of elder abuse in assisted living

Recent research reveals that executive directors of assisted living communities may not be aware of all of the cases of elder abuse—especially sexual incidents—occurring in their communities. A gerontology expert shares four ways to recognize and combat abuse in long-term care settings. Read More »

Cleveland Clinic’s Cosgrove on short list to lead VA

With the resignation of Eric Shinseki last week, the job as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had an immediate opening. Read More »

12 steps to QAPI: Step 7: Collecting and using data

We’ve passed the midpoint of the continuing series on Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI). Now it’s time to collect and analyze data to improve person-centered care. Read More »

Studying residents—up close

Students can learn a lot about aging by walking (or riding) in a residents’ shoes. Conversations with seniors can open doors of understanding and communication. Read More »

Leaders of Tomorrow: Bernadette Ledesma, MPH, LNHA

Congratulations to Long-Term Living 2014 Leaders of Tomorrow honoree Bernadette Ledesma, MPH, LNHA. Administrator, advocate and educator she is instrumental in ensuring top-down quality care for Hawaii’s seniors. Read More »

Leaders of Tomorrow: Anna Ortigara, MSN

Long-Term Living 2014 Leaders of Tomorrow honoree Anna Ortigara, MSN, is bringing her 35-plus years of experience as a nurse and a culture change expert in long-term care, as well as her work with The Green House Project, to a range of service providers through her duties as an organizational change consultant for PHI Coaching and Consulting Services and work with the Pioneer Network. Read More »

Administrator turnover affects quality: study

Administrative turnover is more important than facility size or location when it comes to quality of care in nursing homes, according to one study. Read More »

Medical directors: Key to quality care

A nursing home's medical director bears the greatest ultimate responsibility for ensuring that residents receive quality care. Find out what is required of facilities when it comes to this position. Read More »

Making direct care more appealing

Addressing reasons for staff turnover could help ensure quality and cost control in your facility while improving the lives of your employees. One initiative offers some solutions. What would you add? Read More »

Staffing levels seldom cited by state surveyors

Sufficient staffing is an important, yet overlooked, component in providing quality care to nursing home residents, according to a new analysis. Read More »

Celebrate Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week

To the industry's hard-working long-term care administrators, thank you! Read More »

Home care workforce set to explode by 2022

Twice as many direct-care jobs will be available in home care than in skilled nursing homes by 2022. How will you compete for direct-care workers? Read More »

Focus groups: A window into your organization

Stakeholder surveys can reveal what organizations and residents value—and where long-term care facilities are missing the mark. Read More »

The weight of first impressions

More seniors are skipping the quickie day-tour and researching possible CCRCs through longer-stay visits. What kind of impression would your facility make if the "guest tour" lasted for four days and nights? Read More »

Worker education, family caregivers need support, group says

More funding is needed to educate workers and support family members who care for seniors, according to a coalition of more than 30 national organizations, which has released reports on current federal allocations for these purposes. Read More »

Long-term care well represented on top jobs list

Several types of nursing and therapy positions top one list of hot jobs for 2014. Read More »

7 strategies for 2014

Grooming your business for 2014 and beyond involves fresh views, retrained skills and new ways to interact with the local markets. Read More »

12 steps to QAPI: Step 1: Leadership

In the first installment of our series on achieving Quality Assurance Performance Improvement, Nell Griffin, LPN, EdM, a quality improvement facilitator and TeamSTEPPS trainer, explains the importance of leadership engagement, responsibility and accountability through proactive care practices and administrative policies. Read More »

Assisted living sees modest pay hikes, lower turnover

The annual assisted living pay rates report is here. How do your organization’s salaries and hourly rates compare to the national averages? Read More »

When an aide loses her dedication

Even the most enthusiastic direct caregivers can burn out. When residents feel the effects, it’s probably time to move on. Read More »

LTC nurse retention aim of New Jersey program

It might not be a glamour job with nurses jockeying for position, long-term care nursing can be a rewarding and uplifting career mission. Read More »

Website provides long-term care facility information

A nonprofit foundation is offering residents of one state information about the performance and features of long-term care facilities there. Read More »

6 ways to foster staff satisfaction

Communities can take six steps to build effective teams that not only benefit facilities but also benefit the individual employees that make up the teams. Staff satisfaction is at the foundation of it all. Read More »

Federal grants to shore up healthcare workforce

New funding has been earmarked to develop, educate and grow a diversified healthcare workforce across the United States. Read More »

Chasing the healthcare dollar

These days, the definitions of "service lines" are blurring as traditionally separate entities merge, partner and expand to capture more and more of the consumer’s healthcare spend. As the lines between payers and providers erode, where will post-acute care end up? Read More »

LTC workforce needs are focus of new center

A new center at the University of California, San Francisco, will study workforce needs related to long-term care. Read More »