AANAC to launch new association for LTC DONs

The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC) is launching a new association specifically for nurses involved in the intricate and focused work of long-term and post-acute care, to be called the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS).

AANAC arrived at its decision to form the new association after holding multiple nurse leadership summits, whose attendees broached the need and desire for a fresh organization dedicated solely to nurses involved in the long-term/post-acute profession, Diane Carter, MSN, RN, RAC-CT, C-NE, FAAN, AANAC's President & CEO, told Long-Term Living.

The summits had identified challenges specific to LTC nursing, especially for those in Director of Nursing Services (DNS) positions, amid the vast and quickly-changing sea of regulatory issues and care delivery issues, she says.

“The priorities identified were standards and competencies of the DNS, the model of care delivery of the future in LTC and finding our voice in the policy arena, all of which will direct our efforts in launching AADNS,” Carter says.  “Through our work, it became clear that for LTC nurses to have a seat at the table in discussions that affect us—in Washington—we need to speak with one voice and empower all nurses leaders, particularly DONs, to see themselves as leaders they are.”

Earlier this year, AANAC had acquired the American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) organization, and the new launch of the AADNS has involved the AALTCN leadership, Carter says. “It was in support of this vision that Charlotte Eliopoulos, RN, MPH, ND, PhD, executive director of AALTCN, decided join her organization with AANAC and AADNS.”

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