Luke Fannon

Luke Fannon is founder and CEO of Premier Coaching & Training, Unionville, Pa., which provides sales training, marketing team coaching and strategic consulting services to providers in the long-term care industry. For more information, visit

The 4 elements of a strategic marketing plan

A blog is not enough space to do justice to the creation of a strategic marketing plan. However, I’m confident that I can give you a good overview of Read More »

Medicare cuts will cause pain—but for whom?

October 1, 2011, is the day that an 11.1 percent reduction in Medicare payments to SNFs is implemented. It’s when we really begin feeling the pain. Read More »

Communicating your competitive advantages

Increased competition is a challenge for providers in all segments of the LTC industry. The growth in competition requires that providers communicate Read More »

How to gain access to healthcare referral sources

Clients and attendees of our training programs are always asking, How do we get in to see hospital case managers, physicians and other healthcare Read More »

Achieve 100% occupancy

Achieving 100% occupancy or maximum revenue is a worthy goal for many providers in the senior care industry. It symbolizes ultimate success and Read More »