Website, mobile app designed for family caregivers

With more adult children being called upon to care for their elderly parents, a new website and mobile app aims at improving the quality of life for both the caregiver and the one to whom care is given.

Founded by two sisters facing their own medical emergency, Making Care Easier (MCE) is a Boston-based healthcare IT company that provides tools so that everyone—no matter where they live—can be an active part of the caregiving process.

The free website and mobile app have been designed to allow caregivers to coordinate schedules, store information culled from electronic health records, and access information on the latest research on medical conditions.

In a press release announcing the launch, Julie Fry, one of the founders of MCE, said, "We have been involved in the eldercare industry for years but it wasn’t until we started providing care ourselves that we realized what technology was missing. We all use Facebook, e-mail, or shared calendars, but there wasn’t any site that could really make caregiving easier. We needed a site to help us create and store our important information like emergency plans, care plans, medicine plans or directives. It had to be one place everyone could access from anywhere to not only find information, but act on that information."


Topics: Technology & IT