The case of the missing jewelry

A few years ago, my friend Beth suggested I purchase a stretchy hematite bracelet. She heard that the magnetic properties of hematite ease inflammation and pain. I went online, ordered the bracelet and wore it constantly. When I came to this facility, however, I took it off and left it in a drawer.

Recently, another friend gave me a hematite bracelet and ring. After a few weeks, the bracelet's elastic broke. Later that month, the ring hit the floor and broke as well. My friend replaced both items. I wear the ring, but since the bracelet elastic seems fragile, I put it in the drawer and wear my old one.

Each evening my bracelet and ring are taken off and put into my drawer when my arm/hand splints are put on for the night. Stacy (pseudonym), an afternoon-shift aide, has put my bracelet and ring in her pocket a couple of times and forgotten about them. Then, when she discovered them before she left for the night, she came to my room and put them in the drawer.

My day-shift aide reached in the drawer to get my bracelet and ring recently. But they were not there. The other aides helped her search, but they could not find them. Thinking that Stacy carried them home accidentally, I asked the nurse if she could text her. I thought maybe I could save them from the washing machine. But the nurse waited until she came in to work her shift to ask her. Stacy said she did not have them.

That afternoon, my aide from the previous evening and Stacy searched my drawers. But my bracelet and ring remained missing. They could not figure out where they went. I miss my jewelry, but I’m not blaming anyone. I do not want to lose [friends] over this disappearance.

Perhaps an aide laid the bracelet and ring on my bed and they got lost in the covers and thrown into the laundry. Or they might have gotten hung up on a piece of clothing and fell somewhere out of sight.

Luckily, I have a magnetic metal bracelet to wear. But still I wonder where the bracelet and ring went. I suppose someone might have taken them. But, since the bracelet is not new, and has been with me since I came here, it seems like a remote possibility.

If we figure out how my bracelet and ring disappeared without anyone helping them, the aides and I can go on TV and make a bundle.

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