‘Stand-up’ beds add options to breathing care

Carolinas Specialty Hospital (CSH) in Pineville, N.C., is testing out a new bed that tilts up to a vertical position.

As a long-term acute care facility, CSH is evaluating the OnCare VitalGo Total Lift Bed for uses within the long-term care environment. Particular emphasis is being placed on the bed's ability to aid functional movement, wean patients off ventilators and speed up the wound-healing process.

Using electronic controls, the bed can tilt from a 0-degree flat position to an 82-degree upright position, which can be especially helpful for the care of residents who use ventilators or other conditions where vertical postures or vastly differing postures assist in their health.

"Many of our patients are ventilated, so we are always looking for new ways to best meet the needs of their medical conditions," said Daniel C. Dunmyer, CEO of Carolinas Specialty Hospital, in a press release. "We are the only LTAC [long-term acute care hospital] in the country engaged in a quality improvement project with the new Total Lift Bed."

To read more about this bed product, see the OnCare website.


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