Something good about nursing homes: Kathleen Carroll’s story

I’d like to thank Kathleen Carroll for sending in this beautiful story about how the nursing home staff eased the pain of saying goodbye for both her and her grandmother:

I think my grandmother had a good experience at a nursing home. I’m grateful for the care, patience, respect, and warmth she and I received while she was there. (On a side note, I was a volunteer at the same nursing home when I was in high school. I would visit people simply to give them company.)

She entered the home a few weeks before she passed away. She received attentive medical care around the clock to help ease her pain. The attendants seemed to be sweet to her as well. Her room was clean and brightly decorated so it was warm. She was provided with spiritual services that suited her. I was allowed to stay with her beyond the night visiting hours, as I visited after work which required an hour and half train ride out of the city.

She passed away in my presence after hours. An attendant was with us as well. After she passed, they were respectful of us both. I’m really grateful she received the around the clock care in a warm, compassionate, competent home. And that I was allowed to be with her during her passing. It would have been almost impossible to leave her if I felt differently about the nursing home.

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