Software automates MCO contracts for SNFs

The move from a fee-for-service model to a managed care model has complicated the accounting practices for many skilled nursing facilities. Now, there is a simpler solution for handling complex contracts and all the documentation they require.

Milwaukee, Wisc.-based DART Chart Systems LLC has launched a software solution that tracks contracts, pharmacy, therapy and nursing data in a single database for each managed care patient.

The Map & Track automates workflow, alerts caregivers when pre-authorizations are needed and flags documentation for missing information. The software also provides a central patient dashboard that tracks the performance of patients and contracts so that administrators can analyze contract revenues.

“Map & Track takes a proactive approach and transforms the current method of insurance management by deconstructing each contract and automating workflows to optimize revenue," said Bernard Hoffmann, CEO of DART Chart Systems. "Mysteries about which contracts are making money are eliminated.”


Topics: Technology & IT