Smart glasses can find good veins for IVs

Finding a good vein into which to insert an IV needle can often be time consuming, difficult and sometimes painful, especially if the patient is elderly or frail. But new imaging technology enables nurses and care givers to literally look beneath the skin to find just the right vein.

Los Altos, Calif.-based Evana Medical announced on November 20 the launch of its Eyes-On Glasses System, a hands-free and cart-free vein detection system that is capable of looking at veins under the skin.

The system uses multi-spectral 3D imaging with wireless connectivity and provides clear, real-time imaging.

Its unique eye glasses design utilizes the Epson Moverio smart glasses technology platform which projects overlays of digital content onto the real-world view seen by the wearer.

The company says the system also includes a digital storage feature, telemedicine capability, and that it can easily be interfaced with electronic health records.


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