Simulation suit mimics effects of old age

In an attempt to raise public awareness of the effects of aging, Richmond, Va.-based Genworth Financial Inc. unveiled a simulation suit that mimics the afflictions many older adults face.

Used primarily as a marketing tool, the Genworth R70 suit features:

  • A helmet with acoustic muffling to simulate hearing loss
  • Lenses that simulate common eye problems such as glaucoma and cataracts
  • Restrictive body suit fabric that mimics the effects of arthritis
  • Boots that simulate a lack of balance
  • Gloves that mimic the loss of dexterity, and
  • An internal mechanism that effects the wearer's posture.

"Having 'the talk' about long-term care with loved ones can be an awkward conversation because of the sensitive subject matter," said Tom McInerney, Genworth's president and CEO, in a press release. "Furthermore, many young adults often feel invincible to the physical changes and challenges that aging can present. We are proud to introduce the Genworth R70 to help encourage Americans to think long term, become more sensitive to aging issues, and start discussions about long term care plans for themselves and/or loved ones."



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