Sensors track seniors’ routines through use of appliances

Family members who are worried that their aging parent or grandparent may not be eating properly or is spending far too much time in front of the TV can now monitor their use of certain appliances.

The Evermind system uses three sensors to monitor small electrical appliances in a residence.

Family members can receive wireless text messages or emails indicating if and when these appliances are used during a specific time period and can therefore note any changes in their loved one's daily routine.

Evermind was developed by Dr. Dave Gilbert for his own 96-year-old grandmother who wanted to continue living in her own home. "Evermind creates a connection to the rhythms of another's daily life, giving assurance that they are safe and sound, whether they live next door or a thousand miles away," he said in a press release. "These routines, like making coffee in the morning or watching a favorite television show before bedtime, serve as a way for loved ones to check-in and signal that everything is okay even when it is not possible to call or drop by."


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