Resident monitoring solution wins regional award

Atlanta, Ga.-based Sensiotec Inc. announced that its VMA (Virtual Medical Assistant) non-contact patient monitoring solution has won the SESA 2015 Impact Award for Emerging Mega Trends. The award is given annually by the Technology Association of Georgia and the Southeastern Software Association (SESA).

The company’s monitoring solution, which was specifically designed for post-acute care, incorporates an ambient biosensing platform and a highly sophisticated data transmission panel. The panel is placed under a resident’s bed or chair and is able to transmit and receive data on a resident's vital signs, breathing and movements. The panel encrypts the biometric data and sends it to a HIPAA-compliant cloud server.

Far more than a motion-sensor, the system captures minute changes in cardiorespiratory trends and other health vitals, allowing caregivers to catch a decline in clinical condition much earlier, according to a product specifications sheet.

“Clinical monitoring in the post-acute healthcare space is virtually nonexistent,” said Robert Arkin, Sensiotec’s founder and CEO, in a press release announcing the award. “We are changing chronic disease management for the better by providing actionable, high value, low-cost patient data any time, any place to improve patient care and outcomes, increase patient safety, and control costs.”

Topics: Technology & IT