Rehospitalization measurement tool adds analytics features

The threat of being penalized for rehospitalizations within 30 days is forcing many long-term care (LTC) facilities to analyze their rehospitalization cases and take a more proactive approach in delivering quality healthcare to their residents.

To offer better tracking and analysis capabilities in its rehospitalization solution, Cambridge, Mass.-based PointRight Inc. has added a Green Light report capability which allows LTC facilities to see which facilities meet or exceed national averages based on specific diagnoses and risk groups. The solution's Trend Graph capability gives users the ability to track these groups over time and against national benchmarks. 

Both new features will make it easier and faster for LTC facilities to track and analyze rehospitalization rates for some of the most common causes, such as congestive heart failure, COPD, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia and recent surgeries.

"With this new functionality, PointRight Pro 30 now enables diagnosis- and risk-level analytics previously available only at the facility level to now be available at the corporate, regional and divisional levels," said Steven Littlehale, executive vice president and chief clinical officer at PointRight, in a press release. "Operators now have much more visibility and decision-support to help them pinpoint specific ways they can lower their rehospitalization rates across their entire enterprise to improve quality and become more competitive."


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