Philips introduces new mobile app for resident monitoring

Royal Philips has introduced a new mobile app that allows nurses and caregivers to monitor patients/residents from their smartphones or tablets.

With the Philips CareEvent app, caregivers can view actionable patient alerts and also view a near real-time snapshot of vital signs.

When connected to Philips’ IntelliVue Information Center iX (PII iX) central patient monitoring system that transmits data from bedside monitors, the app provides not only current alerts and vital signs but also the patient’s recent alert history—giving the caregiver a better understanding of the validity and priority of the alarm.

“Caregivers are constantly on the move within the hospital, and often have to make on-the-spot decisions with limited patient information,” said Carla Kriwet, CEO, Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions, Philips, in a press release. “Additionally, due to an aging society, patients tend to have more complex medical conditions. We’re collaborating with caregivers to enhance patient care by developing technologies that allows clinician to easily access relevant and actionable data where and when they need it most.”

Topics: Technology & IT