Partnership to focus on therapeutics for age-related diseases

QB3, a University of California institute dedicated to developing new biotechnology solutions has formed a strategic partnership with Calico Life Sciences LLC, a San Francisco-based company that studies aging. The goal of this four-year partnership is to bring together scientists from both fields to study the biology of aging and identify potential therapeutics for age-related diseases.

Since the majority of funding will be coming from Calico, which was founded by Google, Calico will have the option to obtain exclusive rights to discoveries made under the partnership agreement.

“We are all aging,” said QB3 Director Regis Kelly in a press release, “and we will all benefit from the discoveries made in this program and the therapies that will result. We are grateful to Calico for recognizing the deep expertise at the University of California that attracts so many scientists of exceptional ability. Tackling aging requires a translational perspective and multidisciplinary approach that QB3 is well-placed to coordinate.”

Hal Barron, President of Research & Development at Calico, added: ”We are excited to enter into this groundbreaking agreement with QB3. QB3’s focus on leading-edge life science and interdisciplinary projects makes it an ideal partner for the difficult challenges posed by aging and age-related diseases.”

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