Partnership aims at making home health monitoring easier

A partnership announced this week between Intel-GE Care Innovations and iHealth Lab Inc. aims at giving those in independent living or living at home a set of user-friendly tools that will automatically upload their vital signs to a remote platform easily accessible by clinicians.

The partnership will integrate iHealth vital sign monitoring products into the Care Innovations Connect Platform for remote care management. This will allow clinicians and care managers to connect with patients in their homes to actively manage chronic conditions.

By bringing together these technologies, Care Innovations will have the ability to integrate data from the full range of iHealth Lab wireless devices including blood pressure monitors, weight and body analysis scales, smart blood glucose monitors, and pulse oximeters. It can then use this data to shape and implement cloud-based population health engagement programs.

“Our partnership with iHealth underscores our commitment to connecting the care continuum to the home, which we firmly believe is necessary for improving health outcomes, especially for risk-bearing entities,” said Sean Slovenski, CEO of Intel-GE Care Innovations. “iHealth Lab’s FDA-cleared products make health monitoring easier and more cost-effective at home, which will help break down the traditional technology and cost barriers associated with remote care from the home.”

Adam Lin, president of iHealth Lab, also noted, “The Care Innovations Connect cloud-based remote care management platform is a great way to bring value to the data collected by iHealth’s monitoring devices. Our simple and consumer-friendly designs make it easy to capture, upload and log important vital sign data and enable it to be shared with both clinical and informal caregivers through a single platform.”


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