Partnership adds technology to the supply chain

Appearing to be on a roll in forging new partnerships, Chicago-based Caremerge LLC announced it is partnering with Delray Beach, Florida-based CPS, an LCS Company.

The partnership between Caremerge, a cloud-based care coordination platform linking providers, seniors and their families, with CPS, a national purchasing consulting company, means that senior living communities will now get more competitive access to goods and services. And because CPS evaluates each of its vendors, it can offer top-of-the-line products from foods and beverages to office and medical supplies to the latest technologies.

"Adding an award-winning technology company, like Caremerge, to our leading portfolio for senior care communities was an important objective for us," said Jeff Spiro, director of operations management at CPS in a prepared statement. "This partnership will allow our member communities to stay competitive in a healthcare industry that is moving more and more towards collaborative care. With Caremerge, our members now have access to a simple and affordable technology solution that they can use to increase staff efficiency, improve outside provider engagement, scale up resident satisfaction and provide peace of mind to the families."


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