Partnering companies target diabetes management

Minneapolis-based Medtronic Inc. and Paris, France-based Sanofi have announced that they will enter into a global strategic alliance aimed at improving outcomes in those living with diabetes.

A press release announcing the partnership states that the alliance will initially focus on two key priorities: "the development of drug-device combinations and delivery of care management services to improve adherence, simplify insulin treatment, and help people with diabetes better manage their condition."

Structured as an open-innovation model that will leverage the strengths of both companies, the alliance will pair Sanofi's extensive insulin portfolio with Medtronic's expertise in the development of insulin pumps and glucose monitors in an effort to improve the management of Type 2 diabetes.

"Diabetes is unfortunately rising in prevalence around the world, driving up system costs and, most importantly, adversely impacting the lives of millions of people," said Omar Ishrak, chairman and CEO of Medtronic. "Like Sanofi, we believe there is tremendous opportunity to better align care across the diabetes care continuum through new and varied technologies and patient care management strategies. Medtronic is committed to taking a broader approach, expanding beyond our core strength in Type 1 diabetes, to co-develop an array of technologies and patient services that will deliver superior clinical outcomes at an affordable price. We also know we can't do it alone—so we are particularly excited to join in this effort with Sanofi who, like us, is committed to exploring new avenues and approaches to solving the challenges associated with diabetes."

Pascale Witz, executive vice president of Global Divisions & Strategic Development at Sanofi, added, "We know that insulin and other medicines are only one element of treating the whole patient. There is no day off in managing diabetes, and lack of adherence is one of the major hurdles to optimal disease management. That is why Sanofi is committed to developing integrated care solutions that focus on making life easier for people with diabetes and improving clinical outcomes that may help reduce costs to the overall healthcare system. Through this important collaboration, Sanofi will tap into technology advances that aim to create holistic treatment solutions which take into account the individual patient's needs.”

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