Palliative care certification goes online

California State University in San Diego has announced the launch of a 10-month online course designed for advanced practice RNs currently working or intending to work in hospice and palliative care.

This first fully-online course leading to the Advanced Practice RN Certificate in Palliative Care brings the latest research and best practices directly to the computer screen so that nurses can schedule their course work around their regular work schedules. 

The course was designed by industry experts and uses an asynchronous online format delivering evidence-based content, including over 80 curricula topics relevant to APRN palliative care practice.

It is also highly interactive, allowing students to share information with faculty and fellow colleagues from around the country.

“Participants will walk away from this course with a variety of new skills, a new appreciation for the power of palliative care, and a renewed sense of purpose and confidence to continue our important work in hospice and palliative care,” said Helen McNeal, executive director of the CSU Institute for Palliative Care.

McNeal also noted that there is an optional fellowship program offered to those currently employed and working in palliative care. Under this program, the institute will work with the participant's supervisor to arrange their own unique fellowship program that would run currently with the online course, adding direct supervision hours not required by the certificate but providing additional clinical experience.


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