Nursing school to focus on chronic diseases

A $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR) will allow the University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) to study chronic diseases.

With the establishment of a new center devoted to chronic diseases, UMSN will focus on the complexity and self-management of chronic disease (CSCD) including obesity, cancer, heart disease, allergies, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes.

"A very strong tenet of nursing science is self-management, both in terms of preventing disease and living well with chronic disease," said Debra L. Barton, RN, PhD, in a press release. "We can look at process issues at the systems level, health care delivery, and we can leverage big data to understand complex systems. We have a comprehensive variety of expertise that fits under this umbrella of health and wellness."

UMSN associate professor Ivo Dinov, PhD, added: "The CSCD center is unique as it engages multidisciplinary complexity-study investigators working on research methods, computational analytics, and their direct health care applications for self-management of chronic illness. The CSCD provides clinical, bio-social and statistical expertise, computational resources, study-design consulting, and training opportunities."


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