New smartphone app has built-in heart rate monitor

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. and Samsung Electronics announced they have collaborated on bringing Maxim's proprietary technology to Samsung's latest smartphone.

Samsung has integrated Maxim's heart rate monitoring sensor into the new Samsung Galaxy S5. This will allow users of this smartphone to use Maxim's robust algorithms to see the user's heart rate readings in just six seconds, by placing a finger on the back of the phone, according to a press release posted on Maxim's website.

"Building the platform technology for this new capability was exciting and challenging," said said DJ Koh, executive vice president of  the Research and Development Strategy Team at Samsung's Mobile Communications. "This is the first time anyone has incorporated a heart rate monitor into a mobile device, so our team of medical experts and engineers worked closely with Maxim to identify the right solution. We seamlessly wove this technology into a smartphone to deliver a unique user experience, while quickly overcoming the design challenges to meet the launch of the Galaxy S5."

Chae Lee, senior vice president of the Mobility Group at Maxim, added, "People are generally unable to access instant information about their unique health, like heart rate, without the use of costly medical equipment. Now, anyone with the Galaxy S5 can easily monitor their health and fitness on-demand."


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