New mobile medical alert system has sophisticated locator technology

Incorporating six location technologies and featuring a rechargeable pendant, the Philips Lifeline GoSafe mobile medical alert system gives seniors 24-hour protection no matter where they are.

The mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS), developed by Royal Philips, uses a "hybrid" locating approach, which allows a response center to locate seniors who need assistance even if they are in an area where GPS is not available.

In addition, the GoSafe system has a built-in fall detection feature that automatically calls for help if it detects a fall.

"We have known for 20 years that falls are common, expensive and that many falls are preventable," Dorothy Baker, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine, said in a press release. "Should a fall occur, the sooner the person can get up or get help, the better the outcome. If a person can't get up, it is important to have a plan that one can count on to call for help at any time, day or night, wherever a fall should occur."


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