New mHealth platform designed for providers and residents

Advances in mobile health (mHealth) have focused on either the healthcare provider or the consumer users. Now, thanks to Indianapolis-based MedDiary Inc., the focus is on both.

MedDiary has released an mHealth software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows healthcare providers to create customized mobile apps for residents and then monitor the application data remotely via a cloud-based portal.

The customized apps are for those who need short-term but close supervision by their healthcare provider and could include apps focused on post-hospital discharge instructions, managing a newly-diagnosed chronic illness or following a prescribed diet, notes a company press release blog post.

Seven modules are currently available that providers can use to create customized apps: food & nutrition, symptoms, medications, self-measurements, physical activity, sleep and bowel movements.

“MedDiary transforms mobile health into a service that healthcare providers can offer to their patients,” said MedDiary CEO Mark Repko. “Mobile health is quickly becoming an integral part of a patient’s treatment regimen. What’s been missing up until this point is a way for providers to truly prescribe a mobile health app to their patients, including app configuration, delivery and ongoing oversight.”


Topics: Technology & IT