New mattress uses thermo-neutral memory foam

Kansas City, Mo.-based Sizewise Worldwide has released a new mattress with viscoelastic memory foam that is thermal neutral, meaning that it will dissipate body heat or retain it depending on the specific needs of the resident.

In addition, the mattress features 12 independently vented air chambers that self-adjust to provide full-body support and pressure redistribution.

As an added bonus for healthcare organizations, the mattress uses a thin prophylactic sleeve that covers the foam core, thus protecting it from fluids such as spilled water or urine.   

"Improving a patient's experience and impacting positive clinical outcomes is at the core of our business," said Sizewise executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Mary Nell Westbrook, in a press release. "The new NPT3 offers three solutions for issues hospitals have faced with patient mattresses: one, a durable yet comfortable top cover; two, an infection-control liner; and three, a thermal-neutral gel infused memory foam." 



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