New mail-order pharmacy repackages medication management

A new mail-order pharmacy hopes to take the confusion out of ordering multiple medications by changing the way prescriptions are packaged for the consumer. The new service could be just what the doctor ordered for the nation's older adults, who take an average of five prescription medications per day.

PillPack, Manchester, N.H., was founded by TJ Parker, a pharmacist, and Elliot Cohen, an engineer, hoping to introduce a better way to manage multiple prescription medications.

Customers place their medication orders and insurance information on PillPack's website and pay a monthly flat rate of $20. But instead of packaging each medication type in a vial, the company ships a 14-day supply of each medication in individual packets that are marked with the drug type and instructions on how and when to take the medication. Four weeks prior to the expiration of a prescription, a PillPack pharmacist contacts the customer's physician to arrange a refill or a script renewal.

The founders "recognized that fixing pharmacy requires actually building a better pharmacy," according to the company's website. "Until customers had an alternative to traditional retail pharmacy, no app or smart pill box could truly effect the problem."

PillPack is currently licensed to operate in 31 states. 


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