New initiative focuses on emerging technologies

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is partnering with AVIA, a provider-led innovation accelerator, to explore how emerging technologies can be used to improve the delivery of healthcare.

The new initiative, called HX360, will focus on next generation, non-electronic health records platform technologies, according to a press release posted on the HIMSS website.

In seeking ways in which newer technologies can be adopted—especially in the delivery of clinical care—HX360 will identify the key challenges faced by healthcare providers and provide health system executives with tools they can use to begin putting these new technologies to work.

“Globally, health system leaders are looking to reinvent care delivery to not just treat illness but manage the overall health of entire populations,” said Roy Smythe, MD, CEO of HX360. “HX360 seeks to close the gaps that exist between the needs of healthcare leaders and the new technologies that have been created and will continue to evolve, or what we are referring to as next generation technologies.”


Topics: Technology & IT