My new computer’s glitch

I have had my new computer for a few weeks. I would like to say that I have been having a wonderful time with it.  But, in fact, at times it makes me feel stupid.

My last two computers were name brands and I became familiar with that brand. The new one is generic and I realize I did not ask enough questions when it was delivered and set up.

Before an outing last week I was on the computer to buy minutes for my cell phone. While trying to take advantage of a minutes’ special, the website would not let me.

Then I discovered another program was updating in the background. I decided to install the update to see if that helped. But when I continued to be unable to buy minutes or add a credit card, I decided something was wrong and I closed programs and shut down my computer.

After my computer was off, we waited a while and restarted it. But it would not come back on.  We tried plugging and unplugging the cord but that did not help. I was surprised and did not know what else to do. So we called the computer tech.

He told us to push a button on the rear of the tower. But, even after waiting, nothing happened. I told the tech if he could not come out in the next hour, we would bring the tower to him. I told him I could do little without the computer. He said he would be out in an hour.

While waiting I remembered all my CPU's came back on unless something major was wrong.

When the computer tech arrived, he pushed the CPU's rear power button and it came on. I was relieved. But when he could not install the printer, he went back to his shop to figure it out.

He returned the next day, installed the printer, and put the computer through a check. He assured me it was probably just a fluke and I am hoping he is right.

I am still jumpy about the newness of the software, but before long I hope to have it mastered.

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