Monitoring solution uses data analytics, mHealth to spot clinical decline

AirStrip, San Antonio, Texas, and Armonk, NY-based IBM recently announced a partnership to develop a mobile monitoring solution that will help predict declining health in acute and critically ill patients.

AirStrip is working with the University of Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care (MCIRCC), whereas IBM will be providing the streaming analytics for the project.

By using predictive analytics and data collected from electronic health records and body sensors, the new solution would create an acute care early warning system (mACEWS) that could predict and identify serious complications then send that information directly to a clinician's mobile device.

"By mining multiple data streams, looking at real-time analytics and applying our adaptive learning algorithms, we believe we can come up with new computed vital signs that are even more valuable than the signals we’re  monitoring today," said Kevin Ward, MD, MCIRCC's executive director, in a press release.

Sean Hogan, vice president and general manager of IBM Healthcare, added: "Predictive analytics have the potential to provide clinicians the ability to see and take action on much more of the potentially available data on their patients, and course-correct sooner when a complication presents."


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