Mobile communications platform increases options for nurses

Sarasota, Fla.-based Voalte, a leader in healthcare mobile communication technology and provider of a mobile platform designed for nurses, has announced its expansion of smartphone options through a strategic relationship with Motorola Solutions Inc.

By offering the Motorola MC40-HC to customers, the company has now added the Android operating system to its line of mobile solutions, which had previosuly been designed for the iOS and Blackberry operating systems.

Voalte has become an important niche player in the healthcare mobile market by offering a platform specifically designed for nurse-led care teams. The system integrates voice calls, alarms and alerts and text messaging into a single hand-held device so that nurses inside and outside of a facility can access and exchange information securely. This is especially important during shift changes when information on patients needs to be handed off.

Voalte chose to partner with Motorola because of the MC40-HC's stability, enterprise durability, robust Wi-Fi connections and built-in 2D bar code scanner, a key feature that can be used to scan medications and patient ID bands, according to a Voalte corporate statement.

“Secure communication is a vital part of hospitals’ efforts to improve patient care and the patient experience,” said Randy Briley, director of healthcare sales at Motorola Solutions, in a press release. “With its ergonomic design, integrated barcode scanner, disinfectant-ready housing and tightly integrated alert and notification features, Voalte One on the MC40-HC creates a secure and manageable solution at the point of care for healthcare facilities.”


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