mHealth innovations get a boost

In an attempt to bridge the gap between mHealth data producers and other companies involved in the delivery of healthcare, Durham, N.C.-based Validic has launched Validic Labs to provide a connection between the two.

Having access to unfiltered data is becoming more important for app developers creating new products and for healthcare companies that want to provide better products and services to consumers. "With Validic Labs, we have initiated a comprehensive technical solution to speed up the progress of healthcare innovation," said Ryan Beckland, co-founder and CEO of Validic in a press statement. "We are in the midst of a technological revolution, and there is now a plethora of data available from individual patients using wellness devices and healthcare apps. Validic aims to be a true marketplace of health apps and devices allowing healthcare companies and organizations to have access to all of the diverse data options the market offers." 

Drew Schiller, co-founder and CTO of Validic added: "Currently, companies providing digital health and fitness data must undergo a costly and time-consuming approval process before payers, providers, hospitals and pharmaceuticals would consider adoption. Validic Labs all but eliminates the barriers of entry. Labs offers developers, as well as healthcare companies, the unfiltered access to push or pull this unique information from the Validic marketplace, giving them the ability to test new data sources for viability, usefulnesses and other unexplored benefits."

According to the company's website, the areas currently being targeted include nutrition, glucometers and related apps, sleep trackers, biometrics and medication adherence.


Topics: Technology & IT