mHealth hub joins wifi, Bluetooth devices across networks

Transferring data between various mHealth devices can be problematic. But Australia-based NetComm Wireless Ltd. has launched a new wireless hub that connects to global networks.

Incorporating an open architecture that enables interoperability with most management platforms, the NetComm Wireless n-Hub (NTC-20) is designed to connect Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices.

The hub contains internal antennas, a power backup system and an intuitive OLED display.

"The n-Hub is a game-changer for the global healthcare sector, said David Stewart, managing director and CEO of NetComm Wireless, in a press release. "It combines simplicity with open system flexibility to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and ultimately improve patient outcomes. The n-Hub has the capacity to drive innovation across a wide range of applications such as monitoring the health of elderly relatives, post surgery patient care and keeping tabs on personal health, to name a few."


Topics: Technology & IT