Medication management software gets an upgrade

Israel-based MediSafe has released a new version of its medication management platform, allowing physicians to communicate with residents via the smartphone app instead of email. 

While MediSafe's original platform provides a cloud-based reminder system for families and caregivers over their smartphones, the 3.0 version is the first medication management app that allows physicians to initiate contact with patients outside the office via the app instead of using an outside messaging or email method.

According to the company's website, "Medisafe lets you deliver personalized medication reminder notifications—specific to each patient and medication. These notifications are being modified in real time through the use of proprietary algorithms combined with predictive analytics to constantly alter the message (text and/or video) based on each patient’s interactions with Medisafe. The result is to continually reinforce medication adherence with fresh relevant communications."

Among the new features in version 3.0 is a redesign of the user interface, thereby streamlining the steps needed to access and edit medications; and an upgraded "Med Cabinet"—an expanded hub that includes users' regularly scheduled meds and now gives them the ability with one-click to see and edit dosages; change medications' status between "as needed" and "scheduled" and even pause medications without deleting them entirely.

In a prepared statement, Omri "Bob" Shor, MediSafe's CEO, said,  "As we partner with more healthcare providers around the world, and release MediSafe versions with more ways for patients and doctors to communicate about medication management, we're improving health outcomes for exponentially more people. Becoming a stronger bridge between patients and health providers also helps answer the stubborn riddle why people don't always take their medication as they should."

The new app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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