Interactive tablet helps seniors manage medications

Cincinnati, Ohio-based MedaCheck Has gotten $1 million in financing led by Queen City Angels for its medication reminder device.

The company has developed a tablet for seniors that provides a list of all their medications and supplements and provides daily reminders as to what medications to take and when. Since all this information is loaded into the tablet when purchased, the user simply plugs it into an outlet to start the program.

If a user fails to take a medication or forgets to push a button on the tablet signifying that the proper medication was taken, MedaCheck will call them or alert their caregiver.

In a press statement reported by MobiHealthNews, MedaCheck CEO and Founder Jeffrey Shepard said, “MedaCheck sells both directly to consumers — seniors and caregivers in many cases — as well as distributor channels such as hospitals, assisted living facilities and senior living facilities, specialty medicine centers, and retail pharmacy. 

"We’ve also made sure patient and provider onboarding and integration are easy for any center of care,” he added.


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