Innovation search taps caregivers and seniors for mobility ideas

At a time when older Americans are trying to retain their mobility and independence, Edison Nation Medical is seeking input for new and innovative products for the senior market by asking those who know the needs the best—seniors and their caregivers.

New technologies and products could include wheelchairs, transfer devices and technology that could increase mobility and safety in the places like the kitchen or bathroom.

"About 80 percent of older Americans live with at least one chronic disease, notes the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the impact of these diseases is often dramatic. Chronic illnesses can affect seniors’ mobility, fall risk, energy and ability to live independent lives, which in turn affects their ability to socialize and maintain relationships as they've done in the past," said Bobby Grajewski, president of Edison Nation Medical, in a press release. "Our Senior Mobility search enables those individuals closest to the challenges of senior mobility—namely, physicians, nurses, caregivers and the seniors themselves—to have a very real impact on care and quality of life going forward.”

The eight-week search will culminate in a review by medical, product development and legal experts. The most promising ideas will be presented to leading medical manufacturers.

Topics: Technology & IT