Health insurer launches diabetes monitoring program

The ultimate cost of Type 2 diabetes—both in lives and money—is not being lost on health insurers. Humana Inc. is launching a six-month pilot project called Activities in Daily Living, an in-home program aimed at helping select Medicare Advantage members better manage their Type 2 diabetes.

According to a press release posted on Humana's website, the project will be managed by Humana Cares / Senior Bridge, the health insurer's national chronic care management division, and will use the patented technology platform called Tel-Assurance from Pharos Innovations.

This pilot project will only be open to 500 select Humana members in Texas, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

By using Pharos' engagement platform, those living with Type 2 diabetes will be able to self-report vital information daily, such as blood sugar, symptoms, diet and medication adherence, via a landline phone, cell phone or computer. Tel-Assurance nurses will review the information received and contact the members if there are any areas of concern.

“We know that people living with diabetes can do so much to improve their quality of life just by monitoring their conditions daily and by learning the activities that will have an impact, positive or negative, on their conditions,” said Gail Miller, vice president of telephonic care management operations for Humana Cares / Senior Bridge, in the release. “This user-friendly system also allows us to intervene more quickly if a member is having complications related to their diabetes.”


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