Encouraging mobility

I recently came upon an interesting website that I’d like to share with you. The Grow Coalition (www.growcoalition.org), co-founded by Mary Harroun and Diana Waugh, advocates getting residents out of their confining wheelchairs into stationary seating and maximizing mobility by encouraging residents to walk when walking is the norm. Does the resident really need to be confined to the mobility device? Is walking or standard seating a possibility? To take quality of life to the next level, the organization suggests that residents be assessed to see if wheelchairs need to be their primary seating and mode of mobility. In other words, does the resident truly need to be in a wheelchair?

The site states that there are “many positive physical, mental, or psychosocial outcomes realized by normalizing the seating for elderly persons in an institutional setting.” To advance this cause, Mary M. Harroun, MS, LNHA, has developed a manual titled, “The GROW PROGRAM: Getting Residents Out of Wheelchairs.” It provides materials to help facilities return qualified residents to mobility with new approaches and perspectives in caring for people in wheelchairs. For more information, visit www.growprogram.net.


‘Stars’ light up the ALFA sky

On Tuesday, April 5, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) bestowed its 2011 Heroes Award on five individuals for their outstanding dedication and efforts in providing for their resident populations. To meet the honorees and hear their success stories, click here to see their videos.

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