Emergency call system gives first responders access to seniors’ health information

West Palm Beach, Fla.-based MedSign International Corp. has designed a home-based Telecare and personal emergency response medical alert system that gives first responders instant and secure access to the emergency caller’s critical health and prescription information.

The Daily Companion, which uses a standard phone line, features a number of technologic advances designed especially for seniors who may be unconscious, confused or in shock when paramedics arrive on the scene. These include:

  • One touch to call center from home station or smartphone
  • Smartphone apps with GPS tracking
  • Push-button call to physician
  • Automatic notification of family
  • 24/7 access to an on-call registered nurse
  • Built-in speakerphone system
  • Daily healthcare reminders

According to Phil Verruto, chairman and co-founder of MedSign International, the Daily Companion becomes the first of its kind targeting the senior emergency call industry.

Topics: Technology & IT