E-stethoscope captures sounds, integrates with EHRs

New York-based Elegant Medical LLC has received a U.S. patent for an electronic stethoscope that can integrate with bedside monitors and store sounds in electronic health records.

A study conducted by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital concluded that the Stethos cut misdiagnosis rates in half and was rated highly for its ease of use, potential to reduce infection and potential to impact overall care in a clinical setting.

"Unlike so much of medicine, the stethoscope hasn't changed in decades," said Dr. Joseph Habboushe, the inventor of Stethos, in a press release. "It has fallen out of favor with many doctors and nurses in the ICU and OR due to issues with sound quality and sterility. Stethos is designed to decrease hospital-acquired infection, while improving the accuracy of the exam. It saves clinicians time by integrating into the bedside monitor for continuous automated diagnostics just like the pulse oximeter, blood pressure, and heart monitor."


Topics: Technology & IT