Direct messaging solution now HIPAA compliant

Digital communication has all but eliminated the FAX machine. But for physicians needing to communicate with each other, concerns of security and disparate systems remain a stumbling block.

Louisville, Ky.-based ZirMed, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, announced this week the release of a new HIPAA-compliant messaging feature for its cloud-based Clinical Link communications platform.

This new feature now means that ZirMed users can securely exchange messages and clinical documents with any provider organization in the U.S., regardless of an organization’s EHR or practice management system.

Through upgraded security, ZirMed users receive email alerts when messages are waiting, as well as when a digital package is viewed by a recipient—allowing users to confirm receipt without spending time on the phone. 

"Our clients are already using Clinical Link to send and receive referrals, so adding secure messaging that allows provider organizations to have a single platform for all clinical communications was a natural evolution," said Ric Sinclair, ZirMed head of product. "All of our clients, especially those that are moving toward ACO and other value-based care models, will have a new way to easily and securely share medical information, enabling seamless transitions of care."


Topics: Technology & IT