Continuum of care portal series launches

Cleveland-based COMS Interactive LLC just announced the launch of its continuum of care portal series.

The new portal system works in conjunction with the company's Daylight IQ, a suite of disease management products and its Directed Medical Systems products which includes advance care directives and end-of-life solutions.

Because the Daylight IQ product was designed for skilled nursing facilities and home care organizations, the new clinical portal series provides real-time disease management information and outcomes-related reports to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation specialists and other caregivers by using the appropriate portals.

Additionally, the new portal solution lets managed care organizations, accountable care organizations and home health agencies take a more active role in a resident's continuum of care.

“COMS Interactive is at the forefront of offering products that directly improve clinical outcomes in skilled nursing,” said Josh Luke, PhD, founder of the National Readmission Prevention Collaborative, in a press release. “The concept of offering a care portal series connecting all points in the continuum is perfectly aligned with evolving healthcare needs.”


Topics: Technology & IT