Continence care technology closer to U.S. market

While its TENA brand of continence care products are already well known on the U.S. market, Sweden-based SCA is confident that a sensor-based continence care technology will soon be approved for marketing in the United States.

According to a company spokesperson, the TENA Identifi is in the final stages of regulatory clearance. Once cleared, SCA plans to trial the product in the U.S. prior to a widespread launch. The product has been in use in Canada since late 2013.

The technology integrates an innovative data logging and transmitting device with disposable undergarments containing thread-like sensors that track a resident's voiding patterns in real-time. Data obtained is automatically transmitted via 3G signal to a private, secure server, which staff can access to generate reports via a web portal.

Over a 72-hour assessment period, the technology tracks the voiding patterns and volume at each product change, then graphically converts the data into actionable, evidence-based reports that provide a good base for appropriate product selection. This, in turn, empowers staff and caregivers to make more informed decisions on individual continence care without having to rely on manual recording processes.

In a prepared statement, Michael Widera, vice president of sales and marketing for SCA Personal Care North America, said: "Effective continence management can significantly improve patients' health and their quality of life by reducing the risks associated with incontinence, such as urinary tract infections, slips and falls, and skin conditions, and empowering them with confidence, independence and dignity."


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