Connected Living acquires Tethered, expands mHealth

Connected Living Inc. announced it has acquired Tethered LLC in a deal that will expand the delivery of mobile technology to a growing number of baby boomers who want to stay connected with their aging parents.

The acquisition will allow Connected Living, a technology company specializing in cloud-based communication platforms for seniors, to utilize Tethered's scalable mobile technology and applications.

With more aging-at-home seniors now using smartphones and mobile apps instead of desktop computers, Connected Living's expansion into the mobile market will further its commitment to provide seniors with more ways to stay connected and to enrich their lives.

"Seven years ago, no one thought that seniors wanted to be online," said Connected Living CEO Sarah Hoit. "Now, seniors embrace new ways to communicate with their grandchildren, friends and family, and Connected Living is a leader in helping them do that with intuitive, useful technology and content. We are revolutionizing the way that seniors communicate and engage with the world."

Topics: Technology & IT