Cloud-based personal safety system designed for LTC

Unlike pendants and bracelets that are often not worn, a new sensor-based personal safety and security system can detect when a caregiver may need to check on a resident.

Developed by Danbury, Conn.-based Pontimax Technologies LLC, the yrConnected system is cloud-based and connected to a private Google Docs web page that allows caregivers and concerned family members to check on a resident at any time and from anywhere.

Alerts can be customized to detect a resident's immobility or to deter wandering.

In a press release, Ray Keating, Managing Member of Pontimax Technologies, said, "With yrConnected, there’s no requirement to wear anything so the user doesn’t have to remember to put on anything – it just works. Perhaps even more importantly, yrConnected eliminates the requirement for the user to push a button to signal that they need help. Its sensors, in combination with its intelligent monitoring software, will detect immobility no matter the state of the user."


Topics: Technology & IT