Cloud-based nurse call solution crosses the campus

Toronto, Canada-based Mircom has announced the U.S. launch of its MiCare wireless, cloud-based nurse call solution.

Using self-healing mesh networking technology and ultrasonic signaling, the MiCare system can be customized to fit the emergency alert needs of retirement homes, assisted living and long-term care facilities, as well as hospitals and personal residences.

Features include two-way voice communication, dual locating technology, resident check-in, photo and medication profiling, common area and campus expansion capabilities, shift management and a real-time emergency user interface with an event dashboard.

Among the options are water-resistant pendants and wired or wireless pull cords and call cords. 

"Wireless mesh networking allows all devices on the network to communicate with each other directly, eliminating any single point of failure," said Mike Mahoney, Mircom’s product manager, in a press release. "If one unit should fail or lose power, other units within the proximity of the event will take over the emergency notification task."

Topics: Technology & IT