Cedars-Sinai, HomeHero partner to help patients safely transition home

Cedars-Sinai launched a new home-based program today to help patients safely transition from the hospital to their home.

Safe Transition Home will serve as a post-acute extension of Cedars-Sinai’s healthcare continuum to provide services such as transportation to and from follow-up appointments with the patient’s physicians.

The program is a partnership with HomeHero, a non-medical post-acute home care provider whose services include as personal care and companionship, transitional care, postoperative recovery, medication management, transportation and activities of daily living such. HomeHero caregivers, who are licensed and trained home care professionals, will conduct guided safety checks in the home, record patient health information, monitor social determinants and deliver critical real-time data to families and hospital case managers using mobile technology.

“They are a mature team with impressive individuals on both the healthcare and tech sides, and they are thinking creatively about how best to tackle fundamental challenges in patient care,” says Bradley T. Rosen, MD, MBH, FHM, Director of Care Transitions and Complex Medical Management at Cedars-Sinai in a press release. I believe the Safe Transition Home program is the first of many initiatives that will effectively improve the quality of care our patients receive.”

The program will help Cedars-Sinai reduce inpatient hospital readmissions, raise patient satisfaction and improve health outcomes as part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services shift toward bundled payments and value-based care.

The program is being funded by private clients and Cedars-Sinai.

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