Pressure ulcer prevention program uses new patient monitor

For those susceptible to pressure ulcers, close monitoring of their positions and movements in bed is often the first line of defense in prevention and treatment.

El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, Calif., is participating in a pilot program that utilizes a wireless monitoring system developed by Newark, Calif.-based Leaf Healthcare in an effort to more effectively prevent pressure ulcers.

The monitoring system was designed to monitor a patient's movement in real time and to alert the caregiver of any deviations from the turn-management protocol. A small wearable sensor electronically monitors a patient's position and movement, then sends that data wirelessly to a central monitoring station or a mobile device.

In a press release announcing the pilot program, Mark Weckwerth, CEO of Leaf Healthcare said, "This system provides caregivers with accurate information regarding a patient’s position and movement over time, thus enabling easy identification of which patients are turning adequately on their own and which patients are in need of a greater assistance. The result is that all patients are repositioned per their prescribed protocol, which is an integral component of successful pressure ulcer prevention programs."



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