Rehabilitation: Then and now

As an LTC professional since 1975, I have seen the pendulum swing, sway, get stuck in place, fall off and even be nonexistent at times. In 1980, I Read More »

Accommodating bariatric residents

Betty Markway, RN, MSN Yishih J. Chang, MSIE, CQE, CPHQ Donna Mehrle, MPH, RD, LD When it comes to providing care for long-term care (LTC) Read More »

Rehab with Heart

The educators (from left): Karla Reese, OT; Barbara Bliss, AD; Theresa Schultz, RN, DCD; and Sue Kocin, RD, LD. Theresa Schultz is Read More »

How to grow your rehab business

Healthcare reform and other changes in the marketplace are having a significant effect on rehabilitation service providers. In addition to factors Read More »

Welcome to Cybertherapy

Did you know that a staggering 69% of the world's almost seven billion people play video games where players of all ages enter a virtual environment Read More »

Improving the Rehab Experience Through Design

The Jerry & Dolores Turco Medical Rehab Center LINCOLN PARK, NEW JERSEY PROJECT SUMMARY Type of Facility/Setting: Short-Term Rehab Facility Owner: Read More »

Water rehabilitation

At a glance… The idea behind aquatic fitness equipment is to make rehabilitation easier by duplicating the exercise movements in water, but with Read More »

Strategies for infusing well-being

What do you think of when you hear the term “well-being”? Does it imply happiness? Do we need perfect health to obtain it? The concept of well-being Read More »

What is art therapy?

The 10 benefits of art therapy: 1. Cognitive memory function significantly improves, especially short-term memory. We Read More »

Focuson Bariatrics

Bariatric Bed NOA Medical's Bariatric Bed with a safe working load of 750 lbs is designed to accommodate 98% of all bariatric patients. The 42" wide Read More »

Benchmarking rehab for better care, more reimbursement

Benchmarking is a management tool used in many industries to answer the never-ending question: “How does my operation compare against those of my Read More »

Polio: Managing its late effects in the nursing home

For most Americans today, polio is a vaccine, not a crippling disease. However, in the 1940s and '50s poliomyelitis was an epidemic across the Read More »

Recognizing dysphagia at meals

Most of us look forward to mealtime. It is, of course, an opportunity to eat, but it is also a chance to socialize with others and relax from the Read More »

Sailing to Success

In the mid-1990s, 2000, and 2004, a series of decline points in the overall market share of guests needing rehabilitation services and, Read More »

Questions & answers from the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC)

Q: Regarding Significant Change in Status Assessments (SCSA): The RAI User's Manual states that improvement or decline would be in two or more of Read More »

Focus on Mobility and Rehab

Standing and Raising Aid Sara Plus from ARJO is an ergonomic standing and raising aid that mobilizes residents during everyday activities such as Read More »

Joint replacement Rehab: A team approach to recovery

Since joint replacement procedures debuted in the mid-20th century, people with limited mobility have gained a new lease on life. The general Read More »

Continuing care at home

Gina Bell, a Live At Home driver who consistently receives a 100% satisfaction rating, transports an average of 10% of program members to medical Read More »

The weaning of long-term mechanical ventilator–supported patients

In the early 1950s, New York's Goldwater Memorial Hospital opened its first ventilator unit in response to polio epidemics. You may remember Read More »

Focus On…Mobility/Rehabilitation

focuson Mobility/Rehabilitation'Current' trends in rehab therapyOnce considered as part of a sports medicine program, electrotherapy modalities are Read More »

More Than Weight Loss: A Steady Diet of Support and Achievement

BY MICHAEL PELTIER, ASSISTANT EDITOR   More than weight loss: A steady diet of support and achievementA skilled nursing facility Read More »

Take a Look Before You Hook

BY JULIE A. BRAUN, JD,LLMTake a look before you hookPreventing deaths and serious injuries from medical gas mix-ups   Nursing homes Read More »

Making the Most of RUG-53

Making the most of RUG-53BY RENA R. SHEPHARD, MHA, RN, FACDONA, RAC-C  The new classification system can still maximize your deserved Medicare Read More »

Focus On…Mobility & Rehabilitation

focuson Mobility & RehabilitationWheelchairs: One size does not fit allInterview with Deborah Gavin-Dreschnack, PhD  Just like in the story of Read More »

Here Come the Rehab Therapy Caps

by Richard L. Peck, Editor-in-Chief Unless Congress pulls a last-minute switcheroo-in which case, read this article as what might have been-the Read More »

Better Pain Management = Fewer Pressure Ulcers

Better Pain Management = Fewer Pressure UlcersRevising the pain-assessment protocol in this rehab unit lowered the number of facility-acquired Read More »