Focus on Mobility and Rehab

Standing and Raising Aid

Sara Plus from ARJO is an ergonomic standing and raising aid that mobilizes residents during everyday activities such as transfers and toileting. It is designed to train in balance, stepping, and walking. The Arc-Rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing upper-body support during raising. Remove the footplate and Pro-Active Pad—a height-adjustable knee support—and Sara Plus becomes a platform for exercise sessions, enhancing residents’ mobility.

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Rehabilitation Services Provider

Peoplefirst Rehabilitation staffs and manages rehabilitation departments in hospitals, nursing centers, outpatient clinics, and school settings nationwide. Comprehensive treatment plans help patients return home quickly. Peoplefirst developed a proprietary nationwide clinical tracking system that allows tracking of patient outcomes, provides quality assurance, identifies industry trends, streamlines invoicing, and manages reporting. Peoplefirst assists its rehab partners with reimbursement issues, HIPAA implementation, regulatory compliance, and clinical issues.

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Passenger Vans

Commercial passenger and ADA-compliant, wheelchair-lift–equipped vans and buses are Mobility Transportation Services’ only business. Because they are specialists, they can customize a van to a client’s specifications and deliver in less than 30 days—in fact, many times in less than 10 days—at the lowest price. Financing with $0 down at special interest rates is available.


Modular Therapy System

Available from Direct Supply, Vectra® Genisys is an FDA-approved device that allows staff to select treatment based on resident needs, not individual parameters. It has all major clinical modalities, including electrotherapy, ultrasound, combination, laser, and sEMG-activated muscle stimulation. The comprehensive Clinical Protocols™ and Indications simplify therapy selection. Vectra Genisys provides full clinical resources with anatomical and pathological libraries, as well as color graphics on a color LCD screen.

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Emergency Lift Assist

The Posey Company’s new 911 Rescue Seat is an inexpensive, multipurpose lift assist that offers facilities a quick and effective means to safely evacuate residents in an emergency. The seat enables staff to easily transfer residents out of wheelchairs and/or beds and carry them through hallways, down stairwells, and out of the facility. Made of flame-resistant, durable drill cotton polyester canvas, it features easily identifiable, yellow reinforced carrying handles, can be used on residents weighing up to 300 lb., and is machine washable. When not in use, the 911 Rescue Seat compactly folds up for storage in a closet or drawer.

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Compact Lift

The Ascend™ is the newest addition to the HoyerPro® family of lifts. Available from Joerns Healthcare, the Ascend has a compact footprint that allows for easy and safe transfers from within a resident’s room to smaller areas, such as the bathroom. It is lightweight and has a 375-lb. lifting capacity, and is accompanied with multiple grip points for the resident. With its 4.5″ leg clearance, the Ascend fits under most low beds. Other features include a removable foot tray, adjustable knee pads, and a powered base.

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Walking Device

ARJO’s Walking Jacket is designed to be used in conjunction with the company’s mobile and ceiling lifts. It enables therapists and caregivers to aid residents with standing, stepping, and walking practice. Fully supportive in case a resident collapses or loses balance, the Walking Jacket is adjustable across the width and length to suit a variety of resident sizes and allows uninhibited walking action.

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The Invacare Lynx scooter allows users to accomplish daily activities with ease. Designed with a four-piece assembly/disassembly, it can be easily taken apart when needed. The scooter’s compact size and seamless functionality allow it to easily transition from tight turns within the facility to wide-open spaces outdoors. The Lynx scooter also offers a travel range of approximately seven miles, making long trips worry-free.

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Upper- and Lower-Body Exerciser

The Endorphin 370 Series’ versatile positioning allows residents to use the unit while seated, standing, or in a wheelchair. Uper- and lower-body resistance modules operate independently for optimal rehabilitation with smooth, magnetic, and bidirectional resistance. The removable seat rotates 360° to ease patient loading and access. The 370 Series is available in four e-resistance systems to accommodate the needs of patients and has a five-year warranty.

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Adjustable Tables

Space Tables, Inc., offers adjustable fiberglass tables that accommodate wheelchairs and ensure proper positioning for all long-term care residents. Available in three sizes and a variety of colors, the U-shaped table is engineered to maximize outcomes in restorative feeding programs.

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Rehabilitation Services

Functional Pathways provides rehabilitation and program management to healthcare facilities. The company, owned and operated by therapists, develops a comprehensive plan that fits the needs of the patient and facility. Multidisciplinary teams employ appropriate therapeutic methods to optimize patient outcomes.

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The Evolution chair from Optima Products features a unique center-mounted wheel that allows people with a limited range of motion to propel themselves using hands, feet, or both. The seat height adjusts to a low of 14.5″ for improved foot propulsion and fall reduction. An adjustable seat depth and tilt-in-space feature reduces sliding and slumping, while contoured cushions distribute weight for better comfort and pressure management during long periods of sitting. A variety of positioning accessories are also available.

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Self-Propelled Mobile Stander

Altimate Medical offers a self-propelled Mobile Option for the EasyStand Evolv with features that make it easy and safe to use. Its pushrims move forward when the kneepad is flipped up, maximizing transfer room. Wheel locks secure the stander while transferring and provide the user with the option of safe stationary standing. The Evolv with Mobile Option uses a high-efficiency chain drive, with a drive wheel that is closer to the user, improving propulsion and steering.

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Portable Transfer Handle

The FREEDOM Grip® Travel Handle, from Mobility Transfer Systems, Inc., goes wherever an individual goes. Made of powder-coated tubular steel for strength and safety, it requires no tools to assemble. Once assembled, the handle slips between the mattress and box spring and secures to the bed frame with an included nylon strap. The handle features a foam-cushioned handgrip and is height adjustable to accommodate thicker mattresses. When disassembled, the 6-lb. Travel Handle fits into a suitcase or travel bag.

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