2017 Leader of Tomorrow: Kayla Bruce, LPN

A hospice nurse at Louisiana Hospice and Palliative Care (LHC) of Hammond is leading her peers in the culture change of end-of-life care through patient empowerment and behavioral understanding. Read More »

Loud, proud and aging

New research shows how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender seniors are stronger but also more vulnerable to health risks as they age, highlighting the importance of community and understanding. Read More »

FDA approves antibody-based eczema drug

A new drug for serious eczema has been approved for the market, but wait till you see how much it costs. Read More »

First drug for aggressive MS gets FDA nod

Genentech will market the drug, which has been approved for both standard multiple sclerosis and the more aggressive form, Primary Progressive MS. Read More »

Home care before hospice

Home based palliative care, or pre-hospice, programs aim to improve quality of life by bringing healthcare workers into the home and better care coordination—all while cutting costs for seniors and Medicare. And research shows it’s working. Read More »

Revisiting guidelines for heart health in seniors

Researchers are reviewing data to hopefully expand cardiovascular risk calculations and preventive guidelines for those 75 years and older.  Read More »

FDA approves new Parkinson’s drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medication to help reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms.  Read More »

Decoding the mixed messages about psychiatric care in SNFs

What should SNFs do when CMS’s 5-star guidelines for antipsychotic medication use don’t agree with SOM guidelines? Read More »

Veyo to double its transportation market in 2017

The California startup has its wheels in motion to transform non-medical transportation for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Read More »

LTC care quality: The medical directors’ view

Medical directors see the whole scope of SNF issues, including every legal and survey-based outcome. Read More »

Top 10 patient safety concerns for 2017: ECRI Institute

Electronic Health Record information management tops the list of this year's key patient safety issues across all healthcare sectors, but assisted living and skilled nursing facilities are directly involved in three other items on the list. Read More »

A new attempt to manage multiple chronic conditions

Federal agencies have partnered to offer chronic care management for Medicare beneficiaries and their providers. Read More »

Vaccines, vigilance making for a moderate flu season

This winter's flu season may have peaked, but it's not over yet—especially in the South, says the CDC. Read More »

Retrofitting medicine tackle boxes

statDISPENSE aims to create a safe, affordable automated padlock for dispensing emergency medication kits. Read More »

HoverTech expands distribution in LTC market

Patient lift manufacturer HoverTech is partnering to distribute its lifts in the LTC market. Read More »

Potential of onsite hemodialysis for ESRD

New data show onsite hemodialysis in the skilled nursing setting can provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive transportation services. Read More »

Hoyer lift can handle more weight

Joerns Healthcare has released a new and improved version of its Hoyer lift for bariatric residents. Read More »

Respiratory virus test gets FDA clearance for point of care

The test can now be used at physician offices, clinics and other point-of-care settings to diagnose one of the most common causes of pneumonia and bronchiolitis. Read More »

Hearing loss rates to double, researchers find

New research projects overall adult hearing loss to increase in the next four decades but will be highest among seniors, drawing attention to growing need for hearing loss coverage and more affordable treatments.   Read More »

Re-evaluating vision and gait

Poor vision is a well known contributor to falls risk, but Irish researchers say the reason why isn’t what we thought. Read More »

Obesity and hospice usage

Researchers combed more than 5,600 Medicare beneficiary records to study the relationship between body weight and engagement with hospice services during the last six months of life. Read More »

Welltower, Johns Hopkins partner for quality outcomes

Welltower is moving beyond real estate investments and investing in clinical care through its new collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine. Read More »

A pesky eye lump

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears had an eye infection that required multiple doctor visits and medications, which can be a frustrating and trying for anyone but especially an incomplete quadriplegic.  Read More »

Cannabis use highest among senior population

A new report has found the use of cannabis has nearly tripled since 2000, but little research has been conducted to show reliable, representative information about usage and attitudes among older adults. Read More »

Silverado launches program for movement disorders

The national care chain designed the cross-departmental program specifically to support residents with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. Read More »

The POLST conversation

Respecting end-of-life wishes is the ultimate goal in a person-centered care environment. So, how can caregivers help residents have "the conversation" and understand their choices? Read More »

Residents not receiving opioids

At least four Brookdale Charleston residents weren’t receiving their prescription medications.  Read More »

One-on-one with…Jeff Stamps, RPh

Our Q&A with Jeff Stamps, CEO of Remedi, explores the future of LTC pharmacy and how pharmacy services can help SNFs comply with documentation and care planning. Read More »