Can your breath reveal diseases?

New technology to analyze breath may give providers an edge in detecting certain diseases in their earliest stages.

Utilizing nanoparticle biomarker tagging technology, Ancon Medical has developed a non-invasive and portable device that can detect genetic biomarkers in a person's exhaled breath. Unlike other breath analyzers, however, Ancon says its device is able to find these DNA-protein controlled volatile organic compounds in much lower concentrations—as low as one ion in 10,000 cubic centimeters.

In laboratory tests the breath analyzer has been effective in detecting early-stage lung cancer and tuberculosis.

"No matter what the disease, an early diagnosis will always give medical professionals the advantage of a head start in treatment, isolation and prevention," said Wesley Baker, president of Ancon Medical, in a press release. "The difference can be measured in better treatment, lower cost and most importantly, saved lives."

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